Photo by Farrah Aviva

Photo by Farrah Aviva

Pippa Scott

Pippa was born in Canada and spent her formative years at a Hogwarts-like boarding school in England. After attending The University of Manchester she re-located to London, NYC and Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry for a decade and trained in musical theatre on Broadway. She is now based in her home town of Vancouver. 

It is probably fitting that she worked in the entertainment industry for so long as her friends describe her as intense, dramatic and empathetic, all qualities that inform her artistic voice. Her guiding principle in documentary photography is trust. She seeks always to earn the trust of her subjects and so produces images that are sensitive, vulnerable and honest.

Just as she learnt from her time studying theatre, there is no greater beauty than when we are truly our authentic selves. The desire to capture this authenticity drives her decision-making as she documents through photography.

Her education has been through individual and group mentoring with some incredibly talented photographers including Felicia Chang, Kelly Koller, Kirsten Lewis and Scott Strazzante. 

You can follow her work on INSTAGRAM